Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Petey, just hanging around November 27, 2007

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Before we got new furniture, this was Pete’s favorite place to hang.  As soon as the recliner was up he would work his way out to the foot rest and take his place on it with front feet hanging on one side and back feet on the other. It looked quite uncomfortable but he would lay there every nite.  Now that we have new chairs without a place to dangle he has taken his place on the back of the couch—–you can see that in the post, We got new foo foo collars!   I sometimes wonder if he is part kitty……….


Yellow Ball November 26, 2007

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For me there is no other toy

That makes me jump and bark for joy,

Than one that rolls along the floor,

or bounces off the bedroom door.

I like them if they’re big or small

My favorite is this yellow ball! 🙂

yellow ball 


Petey got the new toy and Sophy wants it too! November 24, 2007

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Its a silly little thing.   Made for baby puppies the head squeaks and the rest is like a little blanket.   Petey has it and is madly making it squeak squeak squeak while Sophy sits idly by waiting for her turn.  Of course if she really wanted it she would dive in and fight him for it.  Today she is being a lady, waiting her turn.   I am at my desk working hard at ebay with camera in hand.  I look up and see Pete, he  is so darn cute, he looks up at me with the ear of the new toy in his mouth, he is innocent of knowing that Sophy is patiently waiting.    Guess I should have bought two. 



We got new foo foo collars! November 23, 2007

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Sophy and Petey each got a pretty new collar!   The minute I put them on they knew immediately that they looked special.    Sophy(the diva dolly) is in the pink and Petey (the posing prince) is in the blue.  Absolute royalty with a flair.     They are so funny, as soon as I tell them they are going to wear their new “pretties” they get sooooo excited.    What Shih Tzu doesn’t like to dress up!


My Dogs November 8, 2007

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Sophy meet Petey, Petey meet Sophy March 9, 2007

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When button meetsbutton

Ok back on track, talking about my dogs.  Sophy and Petey two shih tzus, brother and sister.  Sophy is three years old and Petey is seven months.   I have to admit I was worried about introducing a new puppy to Sophy, even though he is her baby brother.  Apparently in the dog world relation carries little weight at first.  It’s all about territory.  She has been spolied with love and attention since the day I brought her home, just as she deserved.  Now, she is such a Diva and the absolute queen of her kingdom.    At first she wanted nothing to do with Petey.   NOTHING.   She did not want to share any part of her world with him.  That lasted about 24 hours.    On his second day she decided it was time to let him know that she was the boss.   Of course being smaller, he was openly willing to be submssive to her rule.  He kinda hoped she would be his new mommie but in no certain terms she let him know that was not her place.   For the next few weeks he took the constant abuse of being pinned down by the throat (mind you she was gentle but assertive).  Eventually, as soon as she approached he would roll over as if to say, “ok, I get it, you’re the boss and I give”.   Well now it has been almost five months since Petey moved in.   They have become like a real brother and sister, taunting each other just for fun, chasing each other wildly around the room and fighting over toys and chippies(rawhide chews).  On the other hand they have developed a bond too, we went from not being able to share the same couch to now sharing mommas lap.  Of course Sophy still is the queen at bedtime, her place is snuggled up right next to me under my arm, her head by my pillow.   She lets Petey sleep on the bed occasionally but he better stay down at the bottom or on Dads side of the bed.  


baby love to puppy love March 2, 2007

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It’s funny how our priorities change as we age.  My husband and I were blessed with one beautiful daughter and the whole baby experience went by way to quickly for me. When my daughter was young,  I couldn’t be in the same room with another baby and resist the overwhelming urge,  I had to hold the baby.   I was baby smitten, as each new baby came into the family, I was the one who was always stepping up to hold the baby, feed the baby, rock the baby, play with the baby.   I was baby crazy plain and simple.  

I am not sure when that changed but recently we were at a family get together and there was another new baby.   From across the room I smiled at her but had absolutely no desire to even go near the baby.   Even I was really surprised at my reaction.   Wow! When did the baby urge leave the mothership?  I am pretty sure it occured shortly after we welcomed a new addition to our family, a shih tzu puppy named Sophy.

Here it comes, phase two.   

Our daughter is grown and in her first year of college.  Now it is puppy love.  To pre-prepare for the empty nest, about three years ago, I purchased a puppy from friends that were raising shih-tzu’s.   I have to say that “I” purchased the puppy because it took the entire eight weeks from the time she was born until I could bring her home to convince my husband that she was going to live with us.     Once she came into our home our entire household changed.

Sophy is the most wonderful and loving little dog.   She is the first small dog, I have ever had  and she is definitely my baby.  She fills the place in my heart that at one time longed for another child.  It happened in and instant, that first puppy sigh, those beautiful brown eyes, the little puppy kisses, it was definitely puppy love.   She is much easier to care for than a baby but the love she gives is equally amazing.    She has also managed to deveop the same loving bond with my husband, we are mommy and daddy again.    She sleeps in our bed at night and is the best snuggler.   Each morning we wake to puppy kisses and an expected tummy rub.

So now, I no longer coo when someone enters the room with a new baby.    I don’t have to hold or love or cuddle that baby.    I have moved on to a new plateau, my priorities have changed and so far I love the new path my life is taking.    The changes are making life at home a great deal different now that our daughter has gone on to college.   I miss her a lot, more than I realized, having Sophy at home to keep me company is a real blessing.  

 I could go on with more but our friends just walked in the door with a new puppy………………  I think we are going to call him Petey.