Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Sophy meet Petey, Petey meet Sophy March 9, 2007

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When button meetsbutton

Ok back on track, talking about my dogs.  Sophy and Petey two shih tzus, brother and sister.  Sophy is three years old and Petey is seven months.   I have to admit I was worried about introducing a new puppy to Sophy, even though he is her baby brother.  Apparently in the dog world relation carries little weight at first.  It’s all about territory.  She has been spolied with love and attention since the day I brought her home, just as she deserved.  Now, she is such a Diva and the absolute queen of her kingdom.    At first she wanted nothing to do with Petey.   NOTHING.   She did not want to share any part of her world with him.  That lasted about 24 hours.    On his second day she decided it was time to let him know that she was the boss.   Of course being smaller, he was openly willing to be submssive to her rule.  He kinda hoped she would be his new mommie but in no certain terms she let him know that was not her place.   For the next few weeks he took the constant abuse of being pinned down by the throat (mind you she was gentle but assertive).  Eventually, as soon as she approached he would roll over as if to say, “ok, I get it, you’re the boss and I give”.   Well now it has been almost five months since Petey moved in.   They have become like a real brother and sister, taunting each other just for fun, chasing each other wildly around the room and fighting over toys and chippies(rawhide chews).  On the other hand they have developed a bond too, we went from not being able to share the same couch to now sharing mommas lap.  Of course Sophy still is the queen at bedtime, her place is snuggled up right next to me under my arm, her head by my pillow.   She lets Petey sleep on the bed occasionally but he better stay down at the bottom or on Dads side of the bed.  


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